16+ Global Gambling Statistics & Facts for 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QWhich country has the highest rate of gambling?

There are different ways to measure this, but most stats on gambling show that Australia has the highest rate of gambling in the world. It’s also the country with the biggest gambling losses per capita in the world.

That’s partly due to local gambling laws and partly due to the culture of gambling that exists in the country. A close second is Singapore, which has some of the biggest online gambling sites in the world, all of which have opened just recently.

QHow many online casinos are there in the world?

This isn’t an easy question to answer due to the nature of the industry and the rise of online gambling. According to the best estimates, there are about 2,000 land-based casinos in the world, while internet gambling statistics show that there are about 3,000 gambling websites in the US alone. Of course, the actual number of online casinos seems to change by the week.

Despite the regulations, it’s rather easy to establish an online casino, which answers the questions: Why is the casino gambling industry expanding globally?

QHow many gamblers are there?

World gambling statistics show that about 25% of the world’s adult population gambles. That makes for a market of about 1.75 billion players from around the world. The chances are that this number will only grow in the future since the technology and disposable income needed for gambling will be available to more people over time.

It’s also important to note that with a changing and globalizing economy, there will be more players in the decades to come since the global middle class is growing.