Casino Movie True Story: The Real-Life Events Behind the Famous Movie

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QWas Lester Diamond a real person or a part of the Casino characters?

The character in the movie played by James Woods is Lester Diamond, who is Sharon Stone’s boyfriend. This movie character is based on an actual person – John Hicks – who is the son of gaming pioneer Marion Hicks.

QWho was the real Ginger from Casino?

Ginger McKenna is Sam Rothstein’s wife in Casino. She is based on the real-life person Geri McGee and was played by Sharon Stone in the movie. Sam and Ginger had a daughter in the movie and a very turbulent relationship, with Ginger cheating on him with Nicky Santoro.

With the incredible true story behind the movie, it’s no surprise how successful this 1995 hit was. Of course, it helps that the movie Casino cast was filled with stars; having Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and other big names on the same set was always likely to produce extraordinary results.

QWas the Tangiers Casino real?

As we’ve explained in the text above, the Tangiers Casino wasn’t real. It’s a made-up name that represents the Stardust Casino, which Frank Rosenthal ran in real life back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The name of the casino needed to be changed for legal reasons in the film. It’s one part of the Casino movie true story that isn’t strictly true.