Casino Dealer Secrets: Become a Better Player with These Tips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QWhat is the trick to winning at the casino?

Although there is no “magic formula” that can guarantee you winning a game, there are some casino secrets revealed that can, at least, help you increase the odds: practice different games, know the casino (to avoid diversions), stay away from alcohol, keep track of the time, manage your bankroll, leave while you’re still ahead, prioritize table games for better odds at winning, place higher bets for a higher payout or bet with the banker if playing baccarat.

Blackjack is widely considered the best casino game to win money as it has the best odds at winning, with the house advantage of only 1% in the majority of casinos. In addition, it’s only the dealer you’re playing against. Gambling guides provide many tips on how to beat the dealer at blackjack or how is blackjack in the casinos favor, as reflected in playing properly vs playing by hunch, which can easily rid you of your money.

A successful blackjack strategy is something you can master if you’re prepared to practice, have a plan and know when to quit, and if you wonder if blackjack is rigged, you can rest assured – cards are not rigged, nor is any legal online blackjack game.

QCan casino dealers cheat?

Blackjack tricks are generally associated with higher-level play techniques like card counting or shuffle tracking, especially on the part of players. Each casino is motivated to take your money, but with blackjack, they’re keeping it transparent. They can give you bad playing advice, exhibit fake optimism or pretend to be your friend, but blackjack dealers have no problem explaining the house advantage and rule variation, so you know exactly what to expect.

Blackjack dealer advantage (i.e. a hidden card) – there have been cases of casinos using card dealing tricks or unfair maneuvers, including selective shuffling, removing cards from the deck, hyper-shuffling or sleight of hand. Nevertheless, there is almost no incentive for a dealer to cheat – they mostly just want to keep their job, get good tips and, ideally, have some fun en route.

QWhy do casinos change dealers?

Casinos rotate card dealers out so that they can take a break and remain fresh and sharp. There is no conspiracy theory behind the process, it is their work schedule that makes them sit down and do their job for hours on end. Casinos rotate dealers to avoid loss of concentration, messing up house rules or dealing improperly, but also to give them a chance to deal at both the low- and high-limit tables and different game types.